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YouTube Collective 'Sidemen' Debuts First Physical Store at Bluewater

The 'Sidemen', a collective on YouTube, announced that they had opened their first-ever physical retail space over the past weekend at the shopping and leisure destination, Bluewater, located in Kent.

The 6,000sq ft store opened to the public at 9am on Saturday, 15th July, and adhered to the shopping centre's usual opening hours. The store has become the only physical location where fans can purchase official Sidemen merchandise, apart from their website.

Founded on 19 October 2013, Sidemen consists of seven best friends, which includes the rapper and boxer, KSI. Sidemen Clothing is located on the Upper Rose Gallery of Bluewater, right next to Apricot. The creators are known for their groundbreaking social content, amassing millions of subscribers and billions of views collectively.They originally started out playing video games together and later branched out into more varied content. Since January 2018, they have uploaded weekly videos to their group channel under the banner of Sidemen Sunday.


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