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Universal Display awarded the tender for V&A African Fashion exhibition

Universal Display were thrilled to be awarded the tender for African Fashion and as part of that we were excited to sculpt a bespoke head. The head was to be digitally sculpted using photographic reference using the model Adhel Bol for inspiration.

Jonathan Berlin, Managing Director of Universal Display commented: I couldn't be more proud to see our work at the Victoria and Albert Museum, Africa Fashion exhibition this morning. What a fantastic job by all involved. 30 Custom mannequins and 3 head styles by Universal Display. It is well worth a visit.

Christine Checinska, V&A Senior Curator of Africa and Diaspora: Textiles and Fashion has put it very succinctly; 'Africa Fashion is long overdue. But it is more than an exhibition. It is a stepping stone towards a more inclusive and equitable V&A that reflects the fullest range of creative endeavour'


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