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Swarovski Unveils Its Dazzling New Korea Flagship Store at Dosan Park

Swarovski opens its doors to its first flagship store in Korea on December 1, 2023. Located within the lush oasis of one of Seoul’s most popular destinations, Swarovski Dosan Park is a luxurious and immersive retail experience which takes customers on a journey of discovery into the sparkling world of one of Europe’s oldest luxury brands.

Futuristic and radiant with light, Swarovski Dosan Park ranges across four floors and measures 488 sq meters. Its façade features a monumental swan logo, and each floor is illuminated in Swarovski’s brand colors of blue, yellow, and pink.

Inside is a luxury shopping experience offering customers an immersion into the creativity, savoir-faire and elegance that defines the Austrian heritage brand.

On entering the store, visitors will discover Swarovski’s joyful collections from crystal jewellery, watches, and home décor to eyewear and tableware, as well as its luxurious fine jewelry collections made with lab-grown Swarovski Created Diamonds.

The new flagship will also unveil for the first time in Korea the Galaxy Collection, an exquisite new fine jewellery collection designed by Creative Director Giovanna Engelbert and made with Swarovski Created Diamonds. Just like mined diamonds the lab-grown diamonds in the Galaxy Collection are graded and certified by IGI according to the 4Cs of diamond quality: colour, clarity, cut and carat weight. The collection is created with 100% renewable energy and recycled gold.

Michele Molon, Swarovski CCO, commented: “Swarovski Dosan Park is a radiant symbol of our brand and omnichannel retail evolution, inviting customers to explore the universe of Swarovski in one luxurious destination. Designed to ignite the imagination and spark wonder, this is where our global vision comes to life.”

Designed by Giovanna Engelbert, Swarovski Dosan Park is a world filled with magical moments which pay homage to the shimmering beauty of crystal and the brand’s 128-year history. On the lower ground floor, a Heritage Corner invites customers to discover Swarovski’s rich and storied past in fashion and entertainment. It features iconic pieces from the history of cinema, such as the extravagant necklace worn by Marilyn Monroe in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes (1953) and the enchanted crystal slipper from Disney’s live-action movie Cinderella (2015).

On the top floor is Café Swarovski, the brand’s first café in Korea, which will offer a menu of refreshments served on the brand’s exquisite crystal-embellished porcelain tableware made in collaboration with Rosenthal.

To mark Swarovski Dosan Park’s opening, Swarovski has invited renowned French designer Shourouk Rhaiem to create Ordinary Life, an exhibition of artworks depicting some of Korea’s most popular consumer goods such as instant noodles and Soju bottles – all embellished with Swarovski crystals. The gallery space will continue to stage new contemporary art installations showcasing the limitless creative potential of Swarovski crystal.

Following the appointment of Engelbert in 2020, Swarovski has accelerated its journey into the luxury sphere, embracing a more colourful, joyfully extravagant aesthetic and refreshing its retail universe with immersive new concept stores and flagships in key cities around the world including Shanghai, Zurich, and New York.


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