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Selfridges Unveils Showtime Spectacle: A Theatrical Christmas Experience

In the heart of the United Kingdom's bustling retail scene, Selfridges stands as a beacon of innovation and grandeur, particularly during the festive season. This year, the iconic department store is set to surpass expectations with its "Showtime" theme, promising a Christmas experience infused with the allure of the theatre, poised to be the most memorable in Selfridges' storied history.

The grand reveal of Selfridges' world-renowned Christmas windows marks the commencement of the season, following over 100 hours of installation by a dedicated team of more than 50 individuals. This year's display is a homage to the art of stagecraft, brought to life by the imaginative efforts of creative minds such as artist Max Allen, the costume designer for the Christmas cast. Allen's collaboration with Selfridges has resulted in a dazzling "ensemble" of Christmas characters, transforming them into A-List stars of the Showtime spectacle.

The cast of 10, each gracing an Oxford Street window, includes the likes of Santa Claus, dubbed the 'Stage Director,' a Christmas Tree Diva, and a Stand-up Comedy Snowman, all adorned in costumes handcrafted in North London with materials sourced from local haberdashers.

The artistic narrative continues with specialist painter Queenie Ingrams' hand-painted set-pieces and prop artist Matilda Greenwood's whimsical creations, such as oversized crackers and celestial bodies. Benjamin Pollock's Toyshop, a historic London establishment, contributes to the narrative with reimagined archival imagery, crafting a series of dioramas that celebrate the fantasy of stagecraft.

The corner window at Oxford Street and Orchard Street invites onlookers to engage with the production, featuring dynamic elements like moving curtains, a neon 'Applause' sign, and a shower of golden roses, encapsulating the over-the-top (OTT) and high-energy essence of Showtime.

Inside the store, the curation of gifts and partywear is as diverse as it is spectacular, offering new, pre-owned, rented, and refillable options. From the 24th of November, Santa and his ensemble, including bow ballerinas and animated gift boxes, will be present to delight shoppers. The atmosphere is set to be electrifying, with a roster of DJs, singers, and live performances scheduled across Selfridges' locations in London, Manchester, and Birmingham. Bookings can be made here.

Self-expression and spectacle are the cornerstones of Selfridges' Christmas narrative. On the 29th of November, Selfridges London will introduce a world-first: The Kit Kat Club at Selfridges. This immersive destination, brought to life by Cabaret set and costume designer Tom Scutt, offers visitors a chance to indulge in Champagne cocktails and cuvees from Moët & Chandon, the show's Official Champagne Partner. This is set to be the quintessential spot for grown-up festive celebrations, with tickets available from the 3rd of November at


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