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Secure Your Spot at the Prestigious 2024 Visual Merchandising and Display Awards

The Retail Visual Merchandising and Display Awards 2024 are rapidly approaching, and the growing excitement in the industry underscores the importance of securing a table or ticket for anyone involved in the retail sector.

These awards, celebrated annually, are a coveted mark of excellence and innovation in the world of retail design and display. It's an opportunity for professionals to showcase their skills, for brands to highlight their creativity, and for the industry to come together in a spectacle of visual splendour.

The previous editions have set a high benchmark.Esteemed winners from 2023, such as Harrods, Tory Burch, Harvey Nichols, Liberty, Ted Baker, Hackett, Selfridges and Hamleys exemplify the extraordinary artistry in the field. Additionally, brands like Burberry and Coach, known for their innovative visual merchandising, have also been celebrated at these awards, setting trends that resonate across the industry.

The 2024 awards promise to bring an increased layer of glamour and excitement, as they will once again be hosted by a celebrity, bringing a touch of star-studded allure to the evening. This, coupled with a sumptuous three-course meal and a range of entertainment culminating in dancing until close, ensures an unmissable occasion on the industry calendar.

Attending the awards is more than just an evening of recognition; it’s an experience into the future of retail visual merchandising and display. The event often previews styles that will dominate the retail world in the upcoming years. It's a unique opportunity to stay ahead of the curve, network with industry leaders, and gain insight into the innovative approaches of award-winning creatives like Michael Kors, Selfridges, John Lewis and Penhaligons to name but a few. Also winners of the Most Innovative Person in VM has in the past seen winners such as Simon Hampton, Janet Wardley, Matthew Thurston, Treasure Evans and Craig Love etc.

The Awards is a sell out event year after year. The demand for tables and tickets has been significant, signalling the event's stature and importance in the retail industry. This is a testament to the awards' status as a key date in the retail calendar, offering networking opportunities, learning experiences, and the chance to be part of an event that sets the tone for the future of visual merchandising and display.

As the countdown to the event begins, the importance of being there is clear: securing your table or ticket now is crucial, as missing out on this event could mean missing out on an opportunity that simply cannot be missed.

Tickets can be booked via alternatively you can contact the organiser on +44(0)1945 420068 or email via


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