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Arc’teryx Unveils Its Largest European Store in London’s Covent Garden

Arc’teryx Equipment, a Canadian brand acclaimed for its high-performance outdoor apparel and gear, has launched its most expansive European store yet in London’s Covent Garden as of Thursday, 29th February. This opening marks a significant expansion for the brand in Europe, notably introducing the region’s first ReBIRD™ Service Centre, dedicated to product repairs and fostering a sustainable future for outdoor equipment.

The Covent Garden store, spread across 733 square metres and two floors, emerges as Arc’teryx’s largest retail space in Europe. This move comes after the closure of its store at 49 Long Acre on 22nd February, transitioning to a more prominent location. London hosts three Arc’teryx retail outlets, including the new flagship, with others situated inside the Battersea Power Station and in Piccadilly, reinforcing the brand’s strong presence in the city.

Arc’teryx Covent Garden offers an extensive range of products, from technical gear for trails, climbing, and snow activities to everyday urban wear through its Veilance collection. The store will also showcase Arc’teryx’s newly developed footwear line, featuring designs like the Vertex, Kragg, and Sylan shoes, entirely conceived and created by the brand.

A European debut, the Covent Garden location houses a ReBIRD™ Service Centre. This facility enables customers to bring in their Arc’teryx items for minor repairs, technical washes, and re-waterproofing, alongside offering product assessments and advice on care and maintenance. This initiative is part of Arc’teryx’s commitment to sustainability and circularity in the outdoor industry.

The store is not just a retail space but a community hub where customers can engage with the brand beyond its products. It features screenings of athlete films, a selection of adventure and exploration books recommended by athletes, information on local trails, events news, and profiles of UK ambassadors.


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