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Harrods Reveals Luxurious Lingerie Destination as Part of Womenswear Revamp

Harrods has recently unveiled its highly anticipated Womenswear redevelopment project, starting with a new luxury destination on the first floor dedicated to lingerie, sleepwear, and lounge attire. Spanning an impressive 16,000 square feet, this exquisite space aims to provide customers with the utmost confidence and comfort throughout the day, from morning to night.

The launch of the grand new halls at Harrods builds upon the increasing focus and demand for transformative shapewear and tailored lingerie observed in recent years. Customers can now explore an extensive range of products and services tailored to suit every occasion and requirement. From bra fittings and made-to-measure services to personalisation and bespoke alterations, Harrods aims to deliver an unmatched experience from start to finish.

Harrods lingerie

To ensure exceptional customer service, all Harrods fitters undergo meticulous training at the beginning of their Harrods journey, equipping them with the expertise to cater to every customer's needs. The luxurious private fitting rooms feature elegant seating, three-way mirrors, and soft, flattering lighting, creating a "home away from home" oasis where customers can feel their most confident and comfortable. For those seeking the ultimate experience, a private suite is available for special occasions, including bridal parties, first fittings, and bespoke alterations and design.

The newly launched rooms at Harrods will showcase 47 of the world's most coveted lingerie brands, offering an array of exclusives. Customers can expect to find exquisite pieces from renowned names such as Olivia Von Halle, Sleeper, Desmond & Dempsey, and the much-anticipated Elie Saab collaboration with Aubade. The space also features eight dedicated shop fits from brands like Skims, Agent Provocateur, La Perla, and Olivia Von Halle.

Lingerie & Lounge

Moreover, Harrods' Lingerie and Nightwear section will further expand with the introduction of 14 exciting new brands, including Livy, Natori, and Torlowei. These additions will cater to various occasions, providing solutions ranging from everyday loungewear to haute lingerie. Recognizing the growing demand for versatile and elevated pieces, brands like Le Set, Falke, and Lauren Manoogian offer essential everyday solutions while ensuring customers feel confident and comfortable.

Simon Longland, Director of Buying - Fashion at Harrods, expressed the significance of starting the women's floor rejuvenation with lingerie, emphasising that it is where every outfit begins. He stated, "After six years of state-of-the-art redevelopments across the store, our womenswear customers have been eagerly awaiting the new look of the first floor, and they need not wait any longer." Longland further highlighted the evolving shopping preferences of customers, noting that lingerie and lounge attire have become as crucial as any other element in their wardrobes. He praised the unparalleled breadth of brands and offerings in the new space, ensuring that there is something to cater to everyone's needs, from functional shapewear to glamorous lingerie, cotton sleepwear to silk, lace, and feather-trimmed robes, and even Charvet shirts and cashmere lounge suits. Longland also shared his excitement about the future of the womenswear floor, with two more rooms set for redevelopment this year and many more to come.

Lingerie & Lounge

Lewis Taylor, Design Director at David Collins Studio, discussed the vision behind the new Harrods Lingerie rooms. The aim was to create a soft and calming environment that feels comfortable and welcoming to customers. The use of soft teal green tones in velvet, polished metals in gold and silver, and shimmering textured glass contributes to a luxurious shopping experience. Taylor emphasised that the customer journey was carefully considered throughout the design process, ensuring easy navigation across product categories and from one lingerie room to another. The design team aimed to create well-thought-out focal points and sightlines across the rooms, while also prioritising customer privacy and a sense of protection.

Harrods' unveiling of its new lingerie destination marks an exciting milestone in the ongoing revitalisation of its Womenswear section. With its commitment to impeccable service, an exceptional range of brands, and a meticulously designed shopping environment, Harrods continues to elevate the shopping experience for discerning customers. As the project progresses, the future of the womenswear floor holds much promise, with more rooms slated for redevelopment in the coming months.

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