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Gain insight on the latest trends in retail visual merchandising and design from senior forward-thinking individuals. The seminars run over two days during the Visual Merchandising and Display Show.


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Don't miss Simon Hampton, Head of Visual Merchandising Harrods , at the Retail Focus FORUM! 🎤 Discover unique insights into one of the world's most iconic stores and learn about the journey of creative brand partnerships. ⏰ 18th April at 10:30

Don't miss John Hoyle from Sook at the Retail Focus Forum! 🎤 Discover how their unique pop-up spaces are transforming High Streets across the UK and shaping the future of retail.

⏰ Join us on April 18th at 13:30

Don't miss Top 100 Retail Influencer Tim Nash at the Retail Focus Forum! 🎤 Learn why Physical Retail is far from over - it's just time to think outside the box!
⏰ Join us on April 18th at 15:00

Don't miss James Breaks from the rpa:group 🎤 Explore the evolution of brand storytelling, examining the impact of COVID-19 on customer attitudes with valuable insights into retail strategies in the post-pandemic era.

⏰ April 19th at 10:30

John Abbate from Save The High Street will be talking at the Retail Focus Forum 🎤 He'll discuss the Vacancy Partnership initiative, the evolution of the high street, the direction of retail, and opportunities ahead.

⏰ April 19th at 12:00

Katie Peake & James Barnes from Backlash, will be joined by Katy Procter from Dr Sam Bunting at the RF FORUM 🎤 Discover why disruptive pop-up stores outperform their counterparts. Learn the secrets behind their success! ⏰ April 19th at 13:30

Join Ephemeral Retailing Specialist & Published Author Ghalia Boustani at the Retail Focus Forum! 🎤 Explore the transition from "storytelling" to "storyliving" in pop-up stores within an experiential marketing context!

⏰ April 19th at 15:00

Join Dr. Kerry Meakin from Technological University Dublin at the Retail Focus FORUM! 🎤 Embark on a fascinating journey through time, exploring the Display Window as a Spectacle of Luxury across the ages.

⏰ 18th April at 12:00

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