Window France at the VM & Display Show

Creative mannequin manufacturer WINDOW FRANCE will present two of their latest collections that take their roots from the classic tailored mannequins of the past but with a chic contemporary twist with the latest of fashionable attitudes.

ABSOLUTE TAILOR MADE. Beautifully tailored busts in severely classy colours, both elegant and forceful with a chic tribal beauty. ABSOLUTE VINTAGE. A contemporary high tech version of the classic articulated mannequin with beautifully detailed components. Also present is the unique and revolutionary cameleon mannequin. ABSOLUTE CAMELEON. This mannequin with removable faces eyes and lips offers the possibility to create more than 70 000 different looks from one mannequin.

Visit Window France at the VM & Display Show, 20-21st April 2016, BDC, London CLICK HERE TO REGISTER FOR FREE ENTRY

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